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W H Butler & Sons offer a unique service in the supply of continuous cast iron bar. Offering a comprehensive stock of rounds, squares and rectangular section.

The company prides itself on its ability to provide any size, shape or grade of cast iron bar required, be it for just a one off or for hundreds off. Our flexible approach to our customers needs means we can provide an extremely fast service, using only the highest quality materials and at a very competitive price.

The following grade are available:

  • Flake iron Grade 250 (formerly grade 17), conforms to BS1452
  • Ga 350 ( formerly grade 23), conforms to BS1452
  • Sg, all grades, principally 420/12, conforms to BS2789

Continuous cast iron bar has much finer grain structure and graphite distribution than sand cast bar. The production process requires the bar to be pulled in a horizontal direction through a water cooled die. This pulling process allows the metal to flow more uniformly and combined with rapid cooling in the die ensures superior soundness, good surface finish, homogenous structure, and excellent structural cohesion throughout the section.

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