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Green Sand Casting

W H Butler has been producing green sand castings since 1922 when production first began

The green sand moulding process requires sand, clay and water to be mixed together to form a mould material that can be compacted around a pattern to produce a mould. Water develops the bonding characteristics of the clay, which binds the sand together, when used in its moist condition it is referred to as green.

When rammed and compacted around a pattern a mould of sufficient strength is produced to allow metal to be poured into it to produce a casting.

The green sand process can be used to produce castings in both aluminium and copper based metals. The process allows 90% to 95% reclamation of material and so provides a low cost form of production.

Because W H Butler still use individual bench moulders rather than the more mechanised moulding machine we can be totally flexible in our approach to mould production. Patterns can be loose, board mounted, individual or multiple.

In essence we will always find the most suitable and cost effective method to casting whatever your requirement whether it be for individual light castings or multiple heavy castings.

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